The Pursuit

We want to provide the best better-for-you energy drink by using simple, native, and natural ingredients.

Our team doesn’t come from big beverage, we were just consumers who thought that energy drinks should, and could, be better. But if it sounded so simple, why was it so difficult to find on the shelves? We quickly got tired of looking for that great white buffalo and chose to create our own. With the goal of giving people their energy back, we called it, Boomerang.

The Deep Stuff

We know that “zero sugar” sounds great, but unfortunately it only opened up the door for artificial sweeteners to enter into the game.  Artificial sweeteners are zero calorie because they alter the molecular structure of sucrose (what we commonly know as table sugar). Simply put: the human body cannot recognize it and doesn’t break it down to be used.

We’re not fans of tricking the body, and thats why you’ll never find artificial sweeteners in Boomerang products. As for artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives - we all know those are garbage.

Nature is smart, natural is best. Boomerang keeps it natural in all of our products.

One of the major problems with energy drinks? Many are crazy cocktails of stimulants, sweeteners, and fillers. Energy isn’t that complicated, and the human body has to work harder to handle complicated. That’s why you hear of liver and kidney issues associated with energy drinks - the body has to sort through all of those extra ingredients.

Want the best energy? Get consistent sleep, consume good food, and exercise regularly. Need energy for those times when your sleep+food+exercise formula is a bit off? Drink Boomerang.

Boomerang avoids B vitamins (questionable quality in mass produced quantities, poor bioavailability, and impact on blood sugar levels), Minerals (can contain heavy metals when mass produced), and the extra GMO stimulants.

Boomerang’s simple Boom Blend consists of three aminos that the body can produce itself (L-Carnitine, L-Tyrosine, Taurine) along with three herbals that have been used by humans for millennia (Natural Caffeine from Coffee Beans, Green Tea, Ginseng). That’s it.

Boomerang isn’t meant to be a multi-vitamin or a substitute for a healthy diet - it is there to complement a healthy lifestyle and be a guilt-free boost when you need it.

What's in it and how much? This is information that you should know when you're putting anything into your body. That's why you'll never see a Boomerang product hiding ingredient quantities behind a proprietary blend.

There were the Middles Ages, the Renaissance Ages, and now, the Plastic Ages? While plastics have changed certain aspects of our lives for the better, history will likely look back on these times as when we went overboard with something that was great in moderation.

Is plastic recyclable? Sure, but usually at too high of a cost for it to actually be feasible. So is it recycled? Not usually. Boomerang avoids plastics wherever possible and supports the use of reusable materials like paper, aluminum, and glass.

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