Supporting First Responders

First responders and medical personnel are working incredibly hard to mitigate the negative impact of this pandemic in our communities. Navigating new, adapted schedules and constrained resources to take care of us - so we wanted to give back and show our support! 

Boomerang Energy is donating cases of Boomerang to first responder and medical organizations in Duluth, MN and the surrounding areas. We’ve already distributed hundreds of cans to hospital, fire, and police department staff in Duluth - and we’re not done yet!

We have also eliminated all shipping costs for online orders and have created a 30% promotional code (FIRSTRESPONDER) for use on

We are relying on the “honor system” and ask that only first responders and medical personnel use this code in order to accurately prioritize the order shipments.

A big thank you to all of the individuals dedicating time and energy to support our communities. While we can’t provide life-saving tools or services, we’re seeking to have a positive impact and give back in whatever way we can. So we’re doing what we know best - providing Real Good Energy.