The Boomerang Story

Boomerang Energy strives to redefine what an energy drink - and energy drink brand - can be. We believe that you can have peace of mind consuming a real, good, energy drink; knowing that your drink is made with real ingredients and a simple, effective energy formula while the brand behind it seeks to make a positive impact - and not just a profit.

Boomerang Energy was originally started in 2016 in Duluth, Minnesota by a group of young professionals who struggled to find an energy drink without enormous amounts of sugar, enormous amounts of stimulants, or enormous amounts of artificial ingredients (not to mention one that didn’t project an edgy, female-objectifying brand). We know that the best formula for energy is consistent sleep, a healthy diet, and regular exercise - but that just isn't always possible. There were times when we needed to get our energy back, but couldn’t consume the typical energy drinks with a clear conscious. We knew we could do better.

The first version of Boomerang was a ready-to-mix powder that was designed specifically for mental energy. However, the popularity of Boomerang reached a far greater audience than we had initially expected – parents, police officers, firefighters, cowboys, EMTs, nurses, gamers, coaches, athletes, desk jockeys, and more! We realized that, just like us, people wanted an energy drink that they weren’t worried to consume and an energy drink brand that they weren't embarrassed to be seen drinking. Boomerang had been born. But we knew we could do even better.

Today’s Boomerang is a natural energy drink – no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavoring, no artificial coloring. The energy blend contains two herbal extracts, three nootropics, and natural caffeine. That’s it. You can get your energy back as well as your peace of mind. And you can enjoy being part of a brand that is making a difference even beyond beverages - Boomerang Energy proudly supports various charities, partners with great causes, maintains an environmentally-responsible workplace and culture, and has even greater plans for the future (visit Give Back for more details).

Join us in redefining the energy drink market, join us in creating Real. Good. Energy.