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Real Good Energy

Night shifts? Kids? Check.

As a mom and nurse, Boomerang helps me get through the long days (and nights) without the roller coaster ride and gut discomfort that I get from other energy drinks. The use of simple ingredients and avoidance of artificial ingredients gives me piece of mind that I'm not trashing or tricking my body with fake stuff or harmful blends.
Alissa E.
Real Energy For Your Real Life

Educated Energy

I spend my days teaching young people, and my evenings preparing to teach those same young people. I needed a balanced source of energy that would help me get through my long days - not lift cars or jump canyons - just give me the focus and energy to get through my day productively. I found that with Boomerang and would recommend it to anyone seeking an energy drink that is truly better for you.
Mel G.
Get Your Energy Back

Natural Energy In Nature

I'm a hiker, hunter, camper, a bunch of other ER's, and love just being outdoors. I'm the guy who typically carries around a water bottle and strives to stay hydrated. But sometimes I seek that caffeine kick....and that's when I turn to Boomerang. No plastic bottles or stick pack waste, just some clean, simple energy to give my day a guilt-free boost.
Nathan T.
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